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For the travel industry, a lot has changed in the recent past. The market has become highly competitive and the customer is increasingly sophisticated. With the advent of smartphones, information is available to the customers at their fingertips in a matter of seconds, 24/7 – 365 days of the year.

As a result, the dynamic pricing models for airline tickets and hotel rooms have become highly responsive to instantaneous customer demand. Complex computer based automatic algorithms and analytic software programs constantly review every aspect of the business model, and the prices adjust and update in real time, with the fluctuations based on a multitude of complicated intertwined criteria that may not be that easy to predict. A search result showing a particular price for an airline ticket may become obsolete within a matter of minutes. And this cycle continues round the clock.

With this understanding in mind, here are a few tips to help you find the best flights, the cheapest airline tickets and best hotel rooms. Following these guidelines and practices may help secure best possible cheapest airfares in most circumstances.

* Planning

If the travel is not an emergency, there is nothing better than planning ahead. Travel market is seasonal in nature. Depending on your intended destinations, prices may vary significantly from one time of the year to the other. Flexibility in travel dates and using an optimum duration span also helps you secure better deals and cheaper airline tickets.

* Calendar

Use our Low Airfare Calendar at a Glance. This shows you the cheapest airline tickets for any two cities for the next twelve months. This way you can get an idea about the price range and seasonal variations for that travel option. The calendar can be customized by changing the date spans and adjusting other filters to suit your preferences. The months that are highlighted in GREEN present the best available deals and great pricing.

* Preferences

After a preliminary search and educating yourself about the possible available options, take a few moments to decide on your air travel preferences. This is important so that your selections are rational and reflect your true choices. Write them down and stick to them through your search. Direct flight versus connecting flights, same airport transit versus airport transfers, duration and number of layovers, departure times at the port of origin, and perhaps even more important, arrival times at the destination, amount of baggage and baggage transfers involved etc. – all of these factors combined will affect your overall travel experience. Our search engine is highly customizable with a host of filters available to tailor the results of your search to your complete satisfaction.

* Budget

After reviewing the initial results and getting a sense of the ball park numbers, take a step back and decide on a realistic budget. Realistic because searching for off season prices during peak season would be an exercise in futility and would do nothing but waste time. This is also important so that buying decisions are not driven by emotion.

* Purchase

Endless searches for that next best price result in indecision and put you at risk of losing out on good deals and great opportunities. The more you hesitate and longer you remain indecisive, the more you lose time. When you lose time, you waste away your pricing advantage that comes from planning ahead. Longer you wait to buy the airline ticket, the more you restrict your hotel room options at the destination. So, to optimize your travel options, the trick is this. Once you find flights that meet your personal preferences and the airfare is within your pre-determined budget, that is the time to make your purchase!

* Search Quality

The search methods and choices greatly affect the results. So, for example typing in words such as "cheap flights," "cheap tickets," "airline tickets," "plane tickets," or "cheap airline tickets" etc. into any of the popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, will present a long list of online sellers eager to sell you an airline ticket.

Unfortunately, several of these websites are brimming with hype and hyperbole while the others may be driven by hidden agendas or conflicts of interest, where they may be trying to push a certain product that yields a higher margin for them but may not be the cheapest or the best value option for the customer. Prices quoted at yet some other big-name sites may include charges and fees needed to pay for the inefficiencies of their large corporate systems burdened with huge overhead costs. We do not have such unnecessary cost pressures.

We present fast, accurate and fair results for the best prices – pure and simple. We do not have any hidden agendas, any conflicts or vested interests. Our no-nonsense website is based on an extremely powerful search engine that instantly searches hundreds of airline and travel sites to find the cheapest flights and best hotels for you. And we do it absolutely free. Compare our results to any of the other big-name competitor travel sites and see the value difference yourself.

Use our cheap flights and cheap airline tickets search engine to find cheap tickets. Search hundreds of airlines prices for your plane tickets. Buy your flight ticket for best airfare, even for last minute flights.